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       1.  run or travel somewhere in a great hurry. 

          "I dashed to the meeting with the client"

      2. strike or fling (something) somewhere with great force

         "the renders were dashed upon the market"



       2. a horizontal stroke in writing or printing

            to mark a pause or break-in sense or

            to represent omitted letters or words.

       3. flamboyant vigor and confidence; panache.

           "Those animations have youthful energy,

             dash, and charisma"

About dashvisual studio

Working together since 2017 we are a multicultural and experienced team creating artistic narrative for 70+ successful projects.
We are always open to collaboration and can support architects to win competitions, tenders and develop new projects

with innovative solutions for real estate developers.

Our 2D / 3D computer graphics can illustrate, in motion, technical products, their complex design, their function and benefits.

We enjoy what we do, everyone’s voice is heard to produce the perfect answer to the brief, researching and brainstorming

with our clients to develop styles, materials and design elements for the project.


Brainstorming allows us to draw sketches on your ideas to create, mood boards in 2D to illustrate the initial design elements.
Then our discussions develop, with you the client, as we approach 3D and the overall design concept.
We will establish camera angles, different lighting, the mapping process and the application
of different materials and textures to floors, walls and objects within the visuals.

The next stage is to produce renders with low resolution and draft light quality for client review.
This allows us to survey the overall design with you and discuss appropriate amendments.
This is collaborative process, our developing bespoke visual aids leading to high-quality renders prior to processing the output files.
We utilize our Photoshop experts to polish the images and deliver the final output.


İsa Murat Demirer Cgi Artist, Dashvisual

Murat Demirer


Serter Salman Interior Designer, Dashvisual

Serter Salman

Interior Designer


Melek Göktekin

Art Director

Özgür Şimşek Designer, Dashvisual

Özgür Şimşek


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