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Dashvisual & EvoEnergy

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

City of York Council & EvoEnergy Announce Their Partnership To Build

The Region’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs.

Dashvisual Created the Marketing Visuals and Animations

Electric Charnging Hub United Kingdom - Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs

We are proud to support EVO Energy who have been awarded the contract to construct two new HyperHub sites, next to the Monks Cross and Poppleton Bar Park and Rides.

The two sites are a City of York Council £2.2m investment to develop high quality, high speed electric vehicle charging hubs.

Each HyperHub site will consist of solar PV canopies, battery energy storage, 4 Rapid and 4 Ultra Rapid electric vehicle chargers.

The chargers will help the region to support the next generation of electric vehicles which have significantly larger battery capacities and support higher charging speeds.

Construction on both sites started in February 2021, and is being led by EVO Energy and are scheduled for completion in September 2022.

Dashvisual prepared high quality 3D rendered visuals and an animation showcasing the design aspects and the proposed public use of the HyperHub sites.

City of York Council is a pioneer in the use of innovative green technology. The council has lead the way in providing a range of public EV charging facilities to reduce carbon emissions. Please check the animation from the link


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