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Dolmus Architekten: Property Sales and 360 Tour of Multi-Floor Residential Units

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Dolmus Architekten commissioned Dashvisual for their latest residential project for us top create compelling marketing and selling tools.

We started by designing the sales website and printed materials followed by creating the rendered images of the property interiors. This enabled us to deliver a 360 Degree Tour of the units for potential customers to view online.

As an experiment Dashvisual created a Virtual Reality experience, a real time interactive application that could be viewed with VR goggles or through the Dolmus Architekten website. The client was delighted and adopted the application immediately.

We created selected interiors and realtime rendered environments for the 360 Degree Tour, as you can see in the sample below. With this technology Dashvisual clients can easily share and get instant feedback from their customers.

Our 360 Degree Tours can easily be embedded in to websites for PC and mobile viewing plus high quality real time rendering for VR goggles and connected computers.

At Dashvisual we are always keen to learn and implement the latest technological advancements in architectural visualization and computer graphics. This approach enables us to provide a wider and better product range and to deliver the best solution for our clients.

This project was very successful and we are now looking forward to applying Dashvisual creativity with the Augumented Reality technologies of the future.


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